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ReHIPS is a powerful antivirus which helps to keep your computer free from malware in a simple and efficient way, at no cost.

Using ReHIPS is really easy, given that all you need to do is to open the program, establish the restriction level you want to apply when accessing external elements, and let the protective systems do the rest. Due to its practically non-existent use of resources you will hardly notice it's there, in the background, constantly defending your computer against possible threats.

ReHIPs not only acts as a barrier against malicious software, but also gives you the option of keeping a record of all the processes carried out by the computer. This way, if any errors occur or it starts to slow down, this can be examined, and the origin of the problem can be located in the most specific and efficient manner possible.

Turn your computer into a fortress with ReHIPS, and browse the net with total confidence once again.
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